The African Primatological Society

A recent assessment of the current status of African primates recognized many more critical species as threatened and/or endangered; this has further emphasized the need for stakeholders to increase their level of involvement and commitment, particularly, native Africans who should be at the forefront of conserving the continent’s biodiversity. Since 2012, efforts have been made to establish a group that will coordinate the efforts of African primatologists, enhance their experience/influence in their various project areas and strengthen the impact of their conservation actions. These efforts culminated in the formation of the African Primatological Society (APS) in April 2016 with the objective of creating a platform for networking, coordination of research information and improving conservation efforts through training and capacity building.  To accomplish these objectives, the APS held the inaugural meeting in Bingerville, Côte d’Ivoire in July 2017,  to lay a solid foundation for the group and position its members/executive officials to carry out its duties and undertake the activities needed to realize its mission. The second APS meeting will be held in Uganda in September 2019. This proposal with funding endorsed by APS, will be organized by Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) and partner conservation NGOs and government agencies based in Uganda, with support from the APS executive committee, Conservation International and the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques, Côte d’Ivoire.

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