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Entebbe is a city in Central Uganda. On a Lake Victoria peninsula, approximately 37 kilometres southwest of the Ugandan capital, Kampala. It was once the seat of government for the Protectorate of Uganda prior to independence, in 1962.

Things to do in Entebbe

gc cafe

Gorilla Conservation Coffee café

Enjoy a cup of Gorilla Conservation Coffee by visiting Uganda‘s 1st Gorilla Conservation Café. This single origin 100% Arabica Kanyonyi Coffee Blend is grown by farmers living around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to the endangered mountain gorillas. Visit https://gorillaconservationcoffee.org/  info@gorillaconservationcoffee.org #SavingGorillasOneSipAtATime


Kampala Fair

Kampala Fair is a long-term, sustainable and profitable fair trade business that provides employment opportunities to Ugandans, has good and long-term relationships with international buyers – and a strong brand and reputation that reflects positively on Africa.

Kampala Fair now has its own shop in Entebbe, exports to East Africa and Europe – and employs 9 women and 5 men, who between them are sending 42 children to school and thus investing in their futures.


Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

 This sanctuary in Lake Victoria is home to around 50 orphaned chimps that have been rescued from elsewhere in Uganda and are being rehabilitated as much as possible on this thickly forested island. Day trips to see the residents are superb. Plan ahead and you can join the overnight experience and a forest-walk with the chimps, who’ll climb all over you. It’s a 50-/90-minute speedboat or motorised canoe ride from Entebbe to get here. Details


uwec lions

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre

While it functions primarily as a zoo, this centre is actually a world-class animal refuge that has benefited from international assistance in recent years. Most of the animals on display were once injured or were recovered from poachers and traffickers. Star attractions include chimpanzees (a good alternative to pricier Ngamba Island), southern white rhinos, lions, leopards and shoebill storks. Keep an eye out for the baby elephant wandering about too. Visit https://uwec.ug/


Uganda Reptiles Village

Get up close to some of the world’s deadliest snakes, including mambas, cobras, puff adders and vipers, as well as chameleons, crocs and lizards, all of which are rescued or injured. It’s around 3km off the Entebbe–Kampala road, about a 20-minute drive from Entebbe.


Victoria Mall

Mall in Entebbe

Love it or loathe it, mall culture has well and truly arrived in Uganda, with this shiny new complex opened in 2013. As well as eateries and shops, there’s a ShopRite supermarket that comes in handy for groceries as well as camping equipment.


Faze 3

International in Entebbe

Close to the airport, Faze 3 is a solid choice for dining out. Its outdoor decking is a top spot to catch lake breezes while feasting on anything from roast pork to tilapia (Nile perch) tikka, chicken-schnitzel burger or a good ol’ meat pie.

botanical gardens

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Gardens in Entebbe

Laid out in 1898, these expansive gardens are perfect for a leisurely stroll. The highlights are its pockets of thick rainforest, which locals claim some of the original Tarzan films were made in, and excellent bird watching with 115 species (USh10,000 per guide). You’ll see plenty of monkeys, including black and white colobus, and tree squirrels too.


Club Knight Riders

The place to kick on to once you’re ready to hit the dance floor.

*Source: Lonely Planet

Banks in Entebbe

Stanbic Bank

Barclays bank

Bank of Africa

Post Bank