Dr. Fabien Génin

Field research || African Primate Initiative for Ecology and Speciation (APIES)

Dr. Fabien Génin was born in Toulouse, France, and educated at the universities of Poitiers and Paris. His doctoral research focused on ecophysiology in the mouse lemurs of Madagascar, the smallest living primates, which occupy highly seasonal and unpredictable environments. Since then, he has expanded his studies to include behavioural ecology, bioacoustics, and species, speciation and sexual selection theory, and has approximately 15 years’ field experience studying birds, frogs and small-bodied nocturnal primates in Africa and Madagascar. He directs the field research of the African Primate Initiative for Ecology and Speciation (APIES), and his research focuses on soundscape ecology and its relation to biodiversity and speciation.

Other Speakers

Dr. Inza Koné

President, African Primatological Society || Director General of the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques, Côte d’Ivoire